Principle Players


Pam Hoffman, AEET
Pam Hoffman is best known for producing National Space Society’s 14th International Space Development Conference in Cleveland, Ohio with over 600 in attendance.
She spent 5 years at Boeing in Huntington Beach, CA and served as a Technical Analyst.
She ground a mirror for a 6″ F8 telescope and volunteered at NASA Lewis (now Glenn) for 3 years in the early 90s.
She LOVES giving presentations on space and astronomy topics.
Contact: 775-773-TREK (8735) | EverydaySpacer at gmail dot com

Jeff Miller, MBA
After over a decade as the IT Manager for a commercial lender, Mr. Miller went on to assist businesses to acquire funding. He works with alternative energy companies (bio fuel, wind farms, solar, and algae oil) as well as other tech companies seeking $30MM+ in funding. His first love is space but he never had the opportunity to work with a space company that could qualify for those funding sources. Mr. Miller has been offering advice and ideas from the conception of this project and has chosen to commit to this project full time.

Founding Members

Pam Hoffman
Jeff Miller
Photos to Space
Squeeky Toys

Benefits of being a Founding Member.


Space Frontier Foundation
Milan Kragujevic
Dr. Al Differ
Jeff Miller
Katheryn Hoffman
Brian Wang
Michelle Cadeaux
Don Doughty
Joe Latrell
Steve Shurtleff
Robert Hoskins
Brad McGee
Heather Archuletta
Juan Martinez
Marie Sist
Yasu Tano
Sheila Volante
Jon Cody
Robert Cuadra
Erik Stone
Brook Mantia
DIY Space Exploration
Everyday Spacer
Photos to Space
Triton Rocket Club

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