Executive Summary

Executive Summary
Everyday Spacer
Spacer Guild

The Go To Resource for the
Next Generation of Space Explorers

Thousand Oaks, CA
EverydaySpacer at gmail dot com

Spacer Guild
Spacer Guild is a membership website and the first project of the larger plan:

“From the Earth to the Stars; in Six Easy Steps!”

The basic concept of the membership website is to encourage and reward anyone in the world, with even a mild interest in space, to actually do space related things and then report their accomplishments to the website: JoinSpacerGuild.com.

Members can go as far as they want with Spacer Guild, up to and including travel off-world, training themselves and each other for the tasks needed along the way.
As a member of the fully developed site, you can find resources there to get involved with space exploration in many ways and then go and ‘register’ whatever you do.

Let’s say you launched a PongSat. When you get it back from JP Aerospace, you go to JoinSpacerGuild.com and add your picture or video and your ‘report’ of the experience. Rewards include virtual ‘badges’ (which you can also purchase) and points for your accomplishment. If you earn enough points you can win prizes like meeting an astronaut in person or a Zero G flight and other such sponsored or donated activities. Of course, you then report those experiences to the site for more badges and points!

We have games and other experiential ways to learn new skills and you can connect with other members to collaborate on bigger projects.

Think Scouting, “The Last Starfighter” and edutainment blended together to develop the human potential to do everything it takes to travel off world, then out to the stars.
Too many traditional formats for learning cater to too few people or learning styles. Spacer Guild allows individuals to learn what they want, the way they want, when they want and capture past accomplishments to support current endeavors.

Resources that we own or can leverage include online properties: EverydaySpacer.com, JoinSpacersGuild.com, JoinSpacerGuild.com, Facebook Pages (Everyday Spacer, Spacer Guild, Yuri Gagarin), emailing list and strategic alliances.

We have a unique perspective from running and helping with over twenty space and science fiction conventions (including ISDC’95) as well as other hands-on projects like grinding a mirror for a telescope, volunteering at NASA Lewis (now Glenn), working at Boeing and other space exploration activities.

Another way that we differentiate from our competition is by cooperating with them instead of competing against them. Space Frontier Foundation will not lose members to us; we offer badges for participating in SFF activities. The Khan Academy will not lose viewers to us; we offer badges for learning from Khan Academy lessons. Our goal is to increase traffic to our “competitors” because we don’t intend to grab a slice of their pie; we are increasing the size of the pie.

The problem is the severe loss in engineering and science knowhow. As the next generation space industry booms, the business people, employees and customers are too few in number and won’t be filling the needs of that ‘next generation.’ We solve this by incentivizing people to learn and become active in every aspect of space exploration.
Spacer Guild is completely self-financed and sprouted in April 2013.

Principal Shareholders are Pam Hoffman and Jeff Miller who currently hold 85% and 12% of Spacer Guild respectively. The remaining Equity Partners hold 3% cumulatively at the time of this submission.

Spacer Guild Market
In broad strokes, our members are folks with even a mild interest in space who own a device with an internet connection. More specifically, they are people who have rarely acted on their interest. We attract them by providing ‘gateway’ activities like trial and gift memberships, ‘spot a satellite’ type activities and free games with direct and indirect tie-ins to JoinSpacerGuild.com.

We also market toward those who are already active in the spacer community like the 17,614 backers who collectively supported ARKYD with over $1.5M in a recent crowd funding campaign, over 600 individuals who have secured a seat on a Virgin Galactic suborbital vehicle at $250K minimum, over 200 with Xcor at $95K and over 100,000 individuals who paid Mars One between $15 and $38 for a chance at a one way trip to Mars.

Clearly, these people are hungry for such experiences.

Our competition is often our customer source. Organizations like the Space Frontier Foundation are our most direct competitors. However, our membership fee is so low that we are not competing for their customers’ dollars to any significant degree. Since we are targeting those with an idle interest in space, our actual competition is all the other little things that people can spend their time on. To that end, we must be interesting enough to get them to spend time with us instead. In the process, if we succeed in increasing the interest level of our members, we will become a customer source for the other space organizations.

Like anything else, continual, consistent exposure to space exploration activities serves to inspire the coming generations.

Who Is Spacer Guild?
Spacer Guild’s core management team is Pam Hoffman and Jeff Miller.

Pam Hoffman, AEET provides direction, drive, administration and organization to Spacer Guild. She also spent six years in marketing, five years at Boeing as a Technical Analyst on the Delta program, and over 10 years running conferences, including ISDC’95. She knows and studies several languages including French, Russian, Urdu and Arabic.

Jeff Miller, MBA adds direction and specific knowledge and skills in programming, 12 years of project and vendor management, 5 years funding for $30MM+ projects, 9 years of event running experience and a love of science and space technology.

Our Board of Advisors, Dr. Al Differ and Joe Latrell, provide insight, passion and inspiration as well as specific answers to important questions about doing business in the industry.

Other team members, including Steve Shurtleff, Milan Kragujevic, Jason Roland, Don Doughty, Katheryn Hoffman, Jon Cody, Robert Cuadra, and Erik Stone provide support, and expertise for specific tasks.

Consultants Juan Martinez, Yasu Tano and Sheila Volante are vital to fill in the blanks, provide non-recurring and complementary skills such as membership website development, internet marketing and serial business building which augments the skills of the core team.

Show me the Money!
Spacer Guild has several revenue streams including memberships, merchandise, on-site advertising and affiliate programs.

The $20/year membership fee is low enough that it provides, essentially, no barrier to entry while covering the operating expenses. A moderate conversion rate on paid and unpaid search results is 600 new members per month which is $12,000 per month in revenue. On the high end, it’s over 3000 new members per month; resulting in a little over $62,000 per month. These numbers do not include the results of going viral.

One dollar per member per month is the average of merchandise sales. Merchandise includes badges, associated clothing and jewelry, game icons and power ups, etc.
Affiliate sales will be fewer and farther between but will have a significantly higher Dollar per Transaction. Thus, an amount equal to one dollar per member per month is also reasonable.

At the end of the first year, revenue resulting from searches ranges from $26,000 to $137,000 per month depending on the quality of marketing and the sales. As a result, those sections have a significant portion of our monthly budget.

Year 2 numbers are: $41,000/m to $211,000/m; year 3 numbers are: $55,000/m to $286,000/m.

If Spacer Guild goes viral, revenues will be higher.

Use of Funds
Year One Budget:
Business Development: $ 10,000
Website Dev. & Maint.: $156,000
Payroll: $ 200,000 / yr
Marketing: $ 90,000 / yr
Contingency Fund: $ 90,000
Total First Year Budget: $546,000

Starting Funds needed:
Business Development: $ 10,000
Website Dev. & Maint.: $100,000
Payroll (3 months): $ 50,000
Marketing (3 months): $ 22,000
Contingency Fund $ 90,000
Total Funding needs: $272,000

Given moderate revenue assumptions, Payroll, marketing, and further website development will be paid out of revenue once the site goes live.

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